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Chapter: Group history

The 49th on film

Article by Rob Orland, 25th Aug 2014

Rob Orland's Scout CV:

Started as a Cub in 1974, then Scouts, Scout leader / Ventures, and later spent a couple of years as our Beaver Leader before the 49th finally came to an end in 1993.

Here's a nostalgic treat for all ex-members of the group. Some years ago Mac's family had their old cine footage taken in the 1960s and 70s converted onto VHS tape. Since then it's been copied onto DVD, and now they've kindly allowed me to copy it onto YouTube so it can be enjoyed by all. For convenience it has been split into four parts of around 20 minutes each....

Part 1

Early 1970s camp at Dolgellau. Preparing the ground and building the foundations for the 49th headquarters (mid 1960s?) Camp at Rough Close, late 1960s Outing to Heathrow Airport c1966 including a boat trip past Windsor Castle Back at Farber Road Church Parade at Stoke St. Michael's, late 1960s

Part 2

Camp at Cadair Idris including abseiling & canoeing c1967 Oxwich camp, Gower Peninsula, including plane flight, 1967

Part 3

Mac's family playing crazy golf, c1967 Camping somewhere.... c1967 Dolgellau Chief Scout's visit to Coventry (1970?) Re-laying Rough Close, mid-70s National Scout Car Races on Plymouth Hoe, 1973

Part 4

Mac having a brew outside his trailer tent! National Scout Car Races at Scarborough, 1974 Somewhere on a very rocky beach! Scout Car training at Coombe Abbey ready for the.... 1975 National Scout Car Races at Brighton (including ride of 'The Legend' Paul Ison - watch closely at 6:37 !) Sponsored Walk? c1975 Sports Day at Rough Close c1975 Halloween Party Pete Boon being staked out Scout Car team at Coombe, c1976 49th in the football final - cup presented by Bill Glazier, c1976 Scout Car Racing on ATV television at Mallory Park, c1977 (As we learn more about the group's history we can make corrections to the places and dates listed above.) For those with a fast connection, here is the whole movie in HD (approx. 1hr 30mins.)

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